100 Proof Testing



Accuracy Test Results determined by an independent study performed by Jeff Bailey, Project Engineer for Defense Contractor Lockset Inc.



> The top four most accurate broadheads of all the heads on the market were tested for accuracy including the Ramcat, NAP Nightmare, Rocky Mountain Blitz (right offset), and Rocky Mountain Blitz (left offset). 

> They were shot by a Darton Pro 3500S set at 65 pounds and 29 inch Victory Archery VForce HV 350 arrows fletched with Aerovane II and Firenock practice nocks.

> Results at 50 Yards after Extensive Testing

> Ramcat – 1 arrow hit the bullseye; 1 arrow hit 1.5” left of the bullseye (BEST)

> NAP Nightmare – Both arrows hit 2” left of the bullsey

> RM Blitz (Right Offset) – 1 arrow hit 1” below the bullseye; 1 arrow hit 4” left of the bullseye

> RM Blitz (Left Offset) – Both arrows hit 2.5” left of the bullseye


Accuracy Test Results Ramcat versus the Rage 3-blade determined by an independent study performed by John Collins, Retired Federal and State Wildlife Officer and Member of American and Mississippi Crossbow Federations


> Shot by a Horton 4X32 Multi-reticule Scope Firenock lighted nock, 3 plastic vanes 4 ½” long, Horton Carbon Strike MX Horton Legend, 175 Glendel Full Bodied 3d deer 20 yds., 30 yds., 40 yds.

> All shots were taken from a solid bench rest and supported by sandbags under forearm and stock.

> Nickel size dots were used as aiming point on full bodied targets.

> Exceptional consistency – all shots hit the dots without windage or elevation changes (Crossbow previously sighted in with Rage 2-Blade broadheads)

> On all shots, broadhead and a few inches of shaft passed through the target with one exception

>On the exception, Ramcat blades reversed as advertised on pullout.  Needle nose pliers were used to assist blades back to original position.

>After blades were returned to original position, they would flex forward with slight finger presser (not loose but very little resistance).

> There was no noticeable dulling of blades.

> Absolutely no windplaning.

> No whistle

> No fish tailing of shafts.

> When compared to Rage 3-Blade heads, Ramcat’s flight characteristics were noticeably more consistent.  In my opinion, the Ramcat point, is far superior to the Rage and Spitfire broadheads which employ a flat, heart-shaped blade.