About the Ramcat Broadhead

The Ramcat is the next step in broadhead evolution. This is not your average cut on contact or chisel tip broadhead. This technology gives you more than both of them, with unparalleled flight, penetration performance. This head is the hardest hitting most accurate fixed blade on the market with the industry leading 1 3/8" cut diameter for a 100 grain fixed head.


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Fulton Precision Archery was formed to develop new revolutionary products for the archery industry. Brett Fulton, President of Fulton Precision Archery, has been bow hunting for 34 years. He set out to build the ultimate broadhead and has done so with the new "Ramcat Broadhead" with its stainless steel body ferrule with .032” blades and its “backcut” design.. Fulton Precision Archery is actively working on additional products to revolutionize the archery industry.


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Ramcat Features:

- The Ramcat hits like a RAM and cuts like a CAT!

- 100 grain broadhead with Monster 1 3/8" cut diameter!

- Drafting technology eliminates wind planing!

- Hybrid hydroshock cut from the start chisel tip reduces friction down the arrow shaft allowing maximum penetration!

- No Passthrough; no problem; blades roll forward and create a backcut!

- Stealth, cantilevered, offset blade design.

- All stainless steel construction.


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