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Archery Business Magazine Names Ramcat as one of the
Best of the Best of 2011

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Written Testimonials


“Last night I had some customers bring their bows in for some work. As always the conversation turns to what type of broadheads do I prefer.  As I was discussing the RamCats the question of penetration came up. These guys were telling me that nothing penetrates like  broadhead 'x'. I simply smiled and told them we will do a quick test. I set up the 1/2" plywood and shot 3 arrows through it. The first arrow was equipped with the RamCat. The arrow slammed through the plywood and into a 2X8 that I had setup about 5 ft. behind the plywood. Very minimal blade damage, just a little bit of warpness, everything intact. Then I shot arrow number 2 equipped with a Slick Trick Magnum 1 1/8" cut. The arrow did not pass all the way through the plywood. About 3" of arrow remained. Then I shot arrow number 3 equipped with a Grizz Trick 1 1/4" cut. Arrow did not pass all the way through. The slick trick heads were in good shape but neither arrow made it through. After a bit more discussion these guys were sold on RamCats and even excited and couldn't wait to get their hands on them.

-- Gene Hobbs
Hobbs Archery

“I am writing to thank you for making a great product.ive been looking for this broadhead a long time.tried the expandables was not impressed and always worried about mechanical failure.i first used your heads last year and made two complete pass throughs on two nice Wisconsin bucks.i had my bow at 70 lbs because I was not getting the pass throughs with the this year I had my son switch to ramcats at 40lbs.he shot two deer this weekend at 15 yards and completely passed through both deer watched them fall less than 50 yards after the shot,his first two bow kills of his life!!i also got lucky and shot a nice 7point this weekend at a steep angle quartering toward shot only caught one lung and passed through the bottom of the buck.this buck ran 40 yards and laid down and died.we hunt public land in northwestern Wisconsin and leaving a deer overnight is not an option for us as the coyote and wolf population is high and have lost deer that we could not find,just to find them all chewed up the next morning because of bad blood trails and no pass can see why I really love your broadhead and have convinced my father,and several hunting buddys to switch to ramcats.i was wondering how to get some stickers for my trucks or order some apparel from ramcat to promote your great products.  Thank you and good hunting."

-- Eric Santkuyl
Wisconsin Hunts

“Just want to say thanks for making such a great BH. I purchased my first pack of the Ramcats last year to be used for the first time this hunting season. I also got my brother inlaw a pack. We both got our first Does with them 2 weeks ago, and were we impressed.  I double lunged mine, so it was a perfect shot in my eyes. Huge hole to say the least and looked exactly like what I have seen on your website. My brother inlaw had more of a difficult shot for the doe was quartering toward him a little bit. His shot went just above and in front of the shoulder, around the neck area. Clean pass through the other side. His went through bone and everything. Of course he had a bent blade and the tip of the BH was bent over a little, but we were very impressed with the damage this BH makes. Awesome product, going out to buy another pack today.  Thanks."

-- Bryce Griffith
2011 Doe Hunt

"I took a package of your broadheads to Idaho with me to hunt with (Mule Deer).  I had my bow sighted to another broadhead.  I was frustrated as I had to completely re-adjust my sights to accomidate this other broadhead which was suppose to shoot like my fieldpoints.  Before I changed the sight, I wrote down the setting on the sight for the field point setting.  I purchased your broadhead on the way out of town.  When we got to Idaho I decided to try them out as I was still not happy with the way my others were shooting.  I re-adjusted my sight back to the field point setting and shot one field point at 30 yards to make sure it was on which it was.  I then shot your broadhead to see it it came close.  Well, it broke the knock of the first arrow and cut off two of the blazer vanes.  I was impressed.  I then tried it at 40 yards and saw it truly does shoot like my field points.  I was excited to try them out.  Unfortunately, I kept putting my stepson onto the bedded bucks we found and he kept missing (six times).  That's bowhunting.  We finally figured that his broadhead was catching air because he was shooting into the wind each time and downhill.  The arrows kept getting pushed down.  Anyway, he was so impressed with the way yours was shooting, he too is going to switch for our trip next year.  I am headed back up to Idaho in a couple of weeks to hunt white-tail this time where I hope I get to try them out for their terminal performance this time.  I do have a problem, however.  In tightening one of the screws, I believe I stripped one of them out.  Could you please send me a couple of screws so I can get this up and running again.  Thanks and I'll be using these from now on."


-- Don DuFrene



"Gene Hobbs here with Hobbs Archery and Bowfishing Madness Guide Service. I have been meaning to contact you and finally remembered to this morning. A few months back you sent me a pack of RamCats for testing. During that time the wind was blowing and I could not totally rely on my tests. Over the past month I have managed to perform some additional test on the RamCat flight and durability. I know this is already a proven broadhead and has been tested by many but it never hurts to have another person perform their own tests and do some tinkerin'..

In a nutshell I have to say I am impressed. Key note, If I (the shooter) do everything right, form, back tension, surprise release, etc... then this head flies exactly where I want it to. If I screw up on my form then it tells on me at the target. Not by much but definitely will be off a couple of inches in reference to field tip groups. Out of the thousands of shots I have performed with multiple broadheads in my life I have learned that this is to be expected. Broadhead blades attempt to steer the arrow. The positive note is that your broadheads can and will group with field points. I currently know of only two other broadheads that can do this. Its pretty much up to the shooter.

Next, the RamCat penetration is first class! I believe the hollowed out point on this and on the old Smoke Broadheads play a major factor in all this.

I am also excited with the innovative design with the blade movement if the arrow attempts to back out of an animal. Massive hemmoraging will absolutely occur.

I am shooting a BowTech Invasion. The RamCat flew flawlessly with GoldTip Ultralights and Goldtip XT Hunters. My Ultralights were traveling at 338 fps. The XT Hunters were traveling at 330 fps. For a broadhead to fly well at these speeds is impressive!

And finally, strength and durability is very impressive. The target that I use for broadheads is a heavy foam rubber type of target. Basically this material is used as the spray on rubberish backing on carpet. A block of this stuff that is 12 inches thich by 3x3 squared weighs around 250 lbs. I have shot the same RamCat into this target over 40 times without any issues with blades bending or overall broadhead damage. Anytime I shoot a mechanical style head into this target it only lasts for maybe 3 or 4 shots before the blades start bending when pulling the head out of the target. Not only did the RamCat hold together but it also continues to spin perfectly on the arrow. Once again, IMPRESSIVE!

One issue that some will encounter with this broadhead or any decent cutting width broadhead is managing to get the arrow past the riser of the bow without making contact. I am having no problem making this happen. But for some bows that tune well with a low rest or centershot on a riser without a cutout this could be a problem. The only resolution I see if this is a problem is to adjust so that full cleareance can be made, which of course may cause the bow not to be tuned as potentially well as it could be. Or shoot an arrow that protrudes just past the riser, of course this could cause an additional 30-80 grains of arrow when compared to an arrow that is normally cut back to the back of the riser.

I am headed out this evening for a deer/hog combo hunt in Macon Georgia this weekend. I have one RamCat left out of the pack of 3 that you sent which I specifically saved for a hunt. I plan on using this RamCat for my hunt this weekend. I am dieing to take a critter with it so that I can analyze the damage.  I have already bragged to many about my findings with the RamCat. "


-- Gene Hobbs
Hobbs Archery | Bowfishing Madness Guide Service



"I got the Ramcat’s this weekend and all I can say is WOW! I shot them out to 60 yards (as far as I had to shoot this weekend) and they were same POI as my field points. I do have one complaint, they tore up my target!!!!! The one good thing was that most of the shots just went all the way through the target and I could just unscrew the head and pull my arrows out. I also had my compound bow and tried them off of it, with the same results! I’ve been able to get a lot of fixed heads to fly decent off the crossbows, but  they require special vanes, arrow tuning etc. However I just threw these Ramcat’s on our standard 22” crossbow arrow with 4” duravanes and they flew awesome. It is really nice to see a head that flys as well as the Ramcat. I want to see what they will do to some of these hogs down here in FL!!! Thanks!"
-- Rob Smith
Sales Department
Barnett Crossbows




I met you at the Sportsmen’s Show in Harrisburg Pa back in February. I bought a pack of ram cats from you and so did a buddy of mine. I just wanted to let you know that I will never purchase another broad head again unless is it is a ram cat. They fly better than anything I have ever shot. I have been telling all my friends about then, and were they can purchase them. I am shooting out of a local shop in Gahanna Ohio and he carries them. I will do all I can to help push the sales for you and the shop I am shooting for. Thanks for a great product.  


-- Mike Gustafson



"Hello Great News!  This 100 Grain Ramcat is the best most accurate fixed blade broadhead I have ever tested, and I tested almost every brand and type.  I tested these on my 2007 Orginal  Styker Crossbow at 405fps at 20 yards indooors 3 shoots = 3 shoots in a 1/2" group; at 40 yards  outdoors 5 shoots = 4 shoots in a 2" group (on one shoot 2" off from the group / dont know why). VERY NICE!  I will tell others of my results I think you should market how accurate they are more than how much they out penatrate other heads which is crucial too but it's more important that they fly at 405fps at 276 mph.  No other 1 3/8" cut broahead can do that.

-- Dave McMullen
Avid Outdoorsman



"Hello Brett, I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you that, in my estimation, you have designed the ultimate hunting broadhead with your RAMCAT 100 gr. 1' 3/8 cut." Awesome arrow flight with field point accuracy, unmatched penetration, ultra sharp, and durable. I have taken hundreds of big game animals over the past 35 years and this head is undoubtedly the best design in all facets of performance that I have seen! "  And you say you have a 125 gr. model with 1 1/2" cut! I can't wait."



-- Don Castrup
Big Game Safaris, former PSE Regional Sales for 30 years. Big Game hunter.



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Sorry this letter is long over due, but I can now tell you with complete honesty after a full year of hunting with your broad heads that they are the best I have ever used in my 34 yrs of bow hunting. In the last year I have killed 8 big game animals and 2 turkeys. These include 3 wild hogs which were the first animals I shot with the Ramcats. The  performance on that hunt convinced me I would be staying with these broad heads for the rest of the year. When I can hit a 185# wild hog square in the middle of the shoulder bone (humorous bone) not the thin cartilage plate and shatter both shoulders in one shot causing instantaneous death with the animal falling to the ground hard and never taking a step after the hit with out any blade failure. You then know you are using the best broad head made.
I then went turkey hunting in KS and Iowa. The Iowa hunt was quick and easy with a 28 yd head shot. With a Ramcat, head shots are predicable due to the absolute perfect flight and field point accuracy which I will go into later. From Iowa I drove to KS for another turkey hunt. Day one found me staring from 25 yd's at a large Tom that was not going to get any older due to the Ramcat broad head tipped arrow on my bow. One clean body shot with a clean pass through and no tracking was necessary.
The next chance I had to use the Ramcats was on an antelope hunt in Wyoming with a coworker Evan Williams. This trip was most memorable as both of us used Ramcats on our antelope. The bottom line was one buck and one doe each in less then 48 hours. That is a total of 4 antelope in 2 days of hunting. Again all four animals fell within feet of where they had been shot. My buck was quartering hard away with the arrow entering in the back rib and existing out the front of the chest. The common theme on this hunt was finding our arrows 20 to 40 yards past their point of impact due to the incredible penetrating characteristics of these broad heads.
Next came my elk hunt here in Colorado. This year was a little slower then past years due to the summer like weather we encountered during the peak of the rut. I settled on a mature cow at 30 yds the lat weekend of the season. A broadside shot put this cow down in 60 yards, again no blood trailing needed. I don't know how far it traveled after passing through the cow elk but I can guarantee it was not in the first 40 yards behind her because I dissected that area and could not find it.
My final hunts came on two November whitetail hunts. One in Colorado and the other in Kansas. I do owe you a thank you for my Kansas whitetail. If I had been using any other broad head  I am certain I would have different outcome. The shot was 47 yards quartering hard away, almost completely facing away. I felt that under the conditions (no wind, the buck standing perfectly still, and I was able to range him with my rangefinder) I was certain of the out come. If I was given this shot again after that experience I would not have taken it. At the angle a 1/2" could make the difference between recovering the animal or losing it. The arrow hit it's mark behind the last rib came out at the front rib reentered in between the shoulder and the chest cavity completely missing the lungs and heart. With a lesser broached I feel the animal would have been lost and suffered a long and painful death. Fortunately this was not the case, the Ramcat caused enough damage that the buck died from massive hemorrhaging in a relatively short time. I watched the buck expire from my stand. I am not proud of that shot even though I put the arrow where I aimed, it did not enter the vitals like I had planned. Given that same scenario next time I will pass on the shot.
Next was my Colorado Whitetail hunt. My shot came on a non-typical 12 point buck at 25 yards broadside after 10 days of hunting. Total distance traveled 10 steps before falling over and landing on his back. Again like all the other  arrows I recovered, I had zero blade failure.
As a Professional Archer, Pro Shop Owner, and addicted bow hunter I can honestly say I found the perfect broached. I have tested Ramcats broad heads on  Vegas face targets with an X not much bigger then a nickel and found my field points and broad heads consistently hitting the X. I have shot expandable broad heads for 14 years because of their accuracy and have always said if I could find a fixed blade broad head that flew as good as an expandable, I would switch back to fixed blades in a heartbeat. That day has finally come.
My customers that have purchased them have had nothing but positive results and Ramcat broad heads have quickly become my number one selling broad heads."


Thanks For A Successful Season,


-- Bill Pellegrino
Pellegrino's Archery Hut
Colorado Springs, Colorado




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"I was beginning to think that the RAMCAT was indestructible :) !!!  I finally ruined one after tagging a whitetail this weekend in KS, thought it was a doe and was ticked to find a button buck.
My number one RAMCAT killed 2 WY antelope, my mule deer buck, and that button buck!!!  Through BONE and all and finally bent the tip a few degrees!!! Brett I just can't say enough about that head!!! If you don't mind my asking what are you making the ferrule out of??  It is tough!!!!"

Evan Williams
Bill Pellegrino's Archery Hut



"I can not Explain how WELL these broadheads shoot.  I put them against 25 different heads shot into a BRAND NEW never shot 18/1 Rinehart Target. My setup is 2010 Bowtech Destroyer 350 72# 27.5'' DL with a Carbon Express Aramid 250 and 2'' Fusion Vanes weighing 380 grains.  Now each Broad head was spin tested and adjusted as best as the head would get.

1-- Spin Test= Ram Cat Absolutely PERFECT (I even tested it on a new un-Squared arrow) The results are AMAZING to say the least..

2-- Flight (I just did a quick test with a friends Hooter Shooter) The Ram Cats Flew Exactly with my FPs all the way to 100 YDS... Exact POI every shot. Now the Hooter Shooter Does NOT LIE.

3-- Penetration-- Shot into a BRAND NEW NEVER shot Rinehart target (all shots basically in the same area without hitting the same holes)  

The RamCat out PENETRATED (just to name a few) Rage,SlickTrick, ThunderHeads, Shuttle, Montecs, Steel Force Phat Heads, Spit Fires, Tekans, Strykers, Muzzys, and the list goes on and on..(all 100 grain) The Ram Cats Blew through the target the first shot and stuck out the other side 6''(shot from 10yds). Tthe only BH that came close to even breaking through the back of the target was the Slick Trick.

I just wanted to say thanks to you again for a great product. I am ordering more now as soon as I send you this E-Mail. Thanks again!"


Rob Mauriello
August 2010