"I was with "High Plains Adventure" and I was his first client to successfully kill a buffalo with a bow. He had others that started with a bow but finished with a rifle because they wouldn't go down. They are an extremely tough animal. My first shot was just behind the shoulder and it buried fletch deep. My second shot was at 76 yards quartering away and I hit him in the last rib, breaking the rib, and then lodging in the far side shoulder. Even though he was walking dead I put the last arrow in him at 25 yards which completely passed through. I shoot a bowtech Invasion at 63 lbs. with a 425 grain arrow. Out of the three arrows through such a thick skinned animal only one blade was bent and it was the one stuck in the far side shoulder that had already broke through a rib."
-- Brent Morrill
2011 Colorado Buffalo Hunt


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"Ramcat Broadheads helped Team Mathews Solocam win the Campbell Outdoor Challenge Professional Video Circuit Championship Event!"


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--Team Mathews Solocam, Campbell Outdoor Challenge shoots Ram Cat Broadheads



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Ramcat is a product of
Fulton Precision Archery

RAMCAT Hits like a Ram... Cuts like a Cat!

The Ramcat fixed blade broadhead is available and ready for shipping. The Ramcat is a hybrid fixed blade broadhead. The blades are sharpened front and rear and will roll forward to cut coming back out of the target ("Backcut"). The Ramcat is a high performance head with a stealth design. This head outperforms anything on the market in accuracy, penetration and cut diameter. These heads fly in the loaded position but if there is no pass through the blades roll forward and cut their way backout! Order online today!


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FACT: The Ramcat Broadhead is the hardest hitting, most accurate broadhead on earth, with an industry leading 1 3/8" cut diameter for the 100 grain. The 125 grain has a 1 1/2" cut diameter.

NOTE: Pricing will be going up at the start of the 2012 year. Please place your orders this week before the price change goes into effect here.

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The Ramcat outperforms anything on the market in accuracy, penetration, and a monster 1 3/8" cut diameter! No Passthrough... no problem; the blades rotate forward and create a devastating 1 3/4" backcut when it is extracted.
This head is lethal!


See Ramcat performance on Trophy Quest on the Outdoor Channel at 2:30 p.m. and 12:00 a.m. on Thursday and at 10:00 p.m. on Saturday eastern time.

Primal Instincts on Thursday 11:30 a.m. and Sundays at 9:00 a.m. Sunday morning on Versus.

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